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Our team provides

Search Engine Optimization

to help your site achieve top rankings on major search engines.

Case Study: Key Information Technologies

Key Information Technologies hired us to build a better website and “get them noticed” on the internet. We enhanced the site with a focus on key word and phrases.   Putting everything in place and promoting the site to qualified prospects helped us achieve the top spot for an internet search and has already lead to four new leads in the first month.  Key Information Technologies is a leader in their market, they just didn’t have the web presence to support it.  

Once they made it to the first page for an internet search, they didn’t need to continue our SEO services.  We do however, continue to work with Key as a partner in technology and small business solutions.

SEO can feel overwhelming, but don’t ignore it!

as much as 90% of your site’s traffic comes from search engines


Attention to SEO will produce new leads for your company regularly. If the purpose of your site is to gain new customers, then SEO is an imperative part of your website. You need to be found.

  • Traffic from Search Engines

  • From Other Sources

Case Study: Fielek Builders

Within 90 days, we helped Fielek Builders achieve their goals to be on the first page for their chosen key words.  Two years later, they’re still there and pulling new jobs from the internet regularly.  Clients like this make it easy because again, Fielek Builders is a leader in the market, all we do at Graham Systems is to well represent the quality and proven success on the web.  

Want to increase your rank in search engine result lists?

Case Study: AICBS

AICBS had a website, and had already hired another company to do SEO. Still, they weren’t in the first ten pages of Google search results for “Ann Arbor Commercial Cleaning.”

Within 60 days of working with us, they were on the first page. Even now, they are #1 in Google Search.

Graham Systems uses a variety of website SEO services and practices including longtail keyword research, competitive analysis, analytics and reporting and technology research.